Homesteader’s Gift Guide For Women

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Preview: This homesteader’s gift guide for women will help you find the perfect gift for the woman that homesteads or lives on a farm.

Finding the perfect gift for women who live and work on the homestead can be difficult. You want to give something practical and useful, but also something that will delight them. This homesteader’s gift guide for women will give you some amazing gift ideas for the homesteading woman.

gift guide for women who homestead
This gift guide for women who homestead has lots of gift ideas at various price points.

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Gifts For the Outdoors

I mentioned these in the Homesteader’s Gift Guide for Men, but I’ve got to mention them again. Wool socks. Every homesteader needs at least one pair, preferably more. I wear mine all the time during cold weather.

A good pair of rubber boots is a must on the homestead. My favorite brand, Sloggers, are much more comfortable than other rubber boots I’ve worn. Plus they come in cute homesteading themes such as chickens and cows. They also come in a variety of floral patterns, butterflies, and polka dots if your intended recipient isn’t into cute farm animals. Sloggers also makes clogs that are great for gardening.

Every woman needs a good pocket knife or multi-tool, but a woman that homesteads needs a really good one. Whether in the garden cutting down a plant or cutting off the twine from the hay bales, a multi-tool is a necessity and having more than one doesn’t hurt either. I prefer the Leatherman micra because it is small enough to fit in my pocket but is sturdy enough for tough farm jobs.

Gifts for the Indoors

Kitchen Gifts

A dehydrator is one of my favorite ways to preserve food. The food is shelf stable so it doesn’t take up room in your freezer. Plus, when you dehydrate food, you remove the water. This means it also takes up less space on your pantry shelves too.

This is the one I have and it has worked just fine for many years. (Over 13 to be exact!) It is a budget-friendly model and I’ve had no issues at all with mine. You can also purchase the fruit roll sheets, screens to hold small pieces of food, and extra trays. However, this one is supposed to be the cadillac of deyhdrators if you’ve got the extra money to spend.

A vacuum sealer is another great gift for the homesteader. You can purchase bags to seal your food in or some vacuum sealers have an attachment that allows you to vacuum seal in mason jars. I have this and I LOVE it! As a bonus the jars of dehydrated food look so pretty on my pantry shelves.

A pressure canner or water bath canner makes a lovely gift for the homesteader since preserving homegrown food is a big part of the homestead lifestyle.

Flour sack towels are perfect for hand drying dishes or placing over loaves of bread as they rise. (You have tried my homemade bread recipe, right? It’s so simple and would be perfect to gift with a towel or two! I’ve given these before to rave reviews. Add some homemade jam for an extra special treat.) You can stencil the towels with the recipients favorite farm animal or even to match their kitchen decor.

stenciled flour sack towels, wool dryer balls
Stenciled flour sack towels and wool dryer balls are great gifts for women.

Wool dryer balls are a staple in my house. By not buying fabric softeners and dryer sheets, you are saving money and saving yourself from being exposed to the chemicals in those products. This is another item I’ve gifted to others before.

An oil lantern makes a great gift, especially if your homesteader lives a rural area where the power frequently goes out. Bonus points for you if you pick a really cute one that matches their decor. Don’t forget the oil.

Reading Material

Books to read during the cold winter months would be appreciated by most women. We can learn new skills when its too cold to work outdoors. There are any number of gardening books available online, but here are a few of my favorites. I’ve also listed a few favorite homesteading books below.

Encyclopedia of Country Living is a great book with all kinds of homesteading skills in it. The 50th anniversary edition is soon to be released. It covers growing your own food, raising animals such as goats, pigs, and chickens, beekeeping,

The Backyard Homestead-This is a great book for the new homesteader or even the wannabe homesteader. It shares how to grow all your own food on a quarter acre. It gives instructions for preserving the food you grow and ways you can grow food year round.

homesteading books
Homesteading books make a great gift for Christmas.

The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals– I confess. I don’t actually own this book. My 13 year old son does. It is a constant companion by his bed every night. He loves reading through this book (and he normally doesn’t enjoy reading.) This is a great guide to helping you choose the best types and breeds of animals for your homestead.

Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. A subscription to Mother Earth News, Grit, or Hobby Farms makes a lovely gift that will remind the recipient of you all year long.

Other Gift Guides

For the man on your list, be sure to check out my Homesteader’s Gift Guide for Men.

And since the women often garden, be sure and check out my Gardener’s Gift Guide.

If your homesteader or farmer raises chickens, I also have a Gift Guide for the Crazy Chicken Lady too!

Do you have other ideas to add to this Homesteader’s Gift Guide for Women? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you would add.

gift guide for women who homestead
Gift guide for women who homestead

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