homemade wax melts in various scents

Homemade Wax Melts

Preview: These easy homemade wax melts can be made in just a few minutes with only 3 ingredients. I’ve always loved making my home smell nice with the scents of the season. And I love the beautiful wax melt warmers and the ambiance they give. What I don’t like, however, …

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Hand prints on an apron make an easy homemade Christmas gift.

Christmas Tree Handprint Apron

This Christmas tree handprint apron makes a cute gift for kids to give their Grandparents or their Mom. I’ve always loved handprint and footprint gifts. They are such a special way to remember your children’s size at various ages. For years, I had a hand print flower garden that hung …

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Unique homemade gift ideas

Unique Homemade Gift Ideas

Preview: These unique homemade gift ideas for Christmas will help you make the perfect gift for that special someone. A homemade gift can really show someone how much you care. I have rounded up some of the best homemade gifts to give to family and friends for Christmas or birthdays. …

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a painted rock used in the herb garden

Homemade Plant Markers

Preview: These homemade plant markers are the perfect way to remember what vegetables and herbs were planted in your backyard garden. Homemade plant markers make a lovely gift for the gardener on your list. These are perfect for Christmas or Mother’s Day. Plant markers can be tailored to the plants …

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