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Do you want to grow a garden or keep a few chickens in your backyard but don’t know how to get started?

Does growing and raising your own food seem overwhelming and too much work?

Do you have a lot got going on, but don’t have any extra time to waste?

Do you need to set up your backyard garden or flock without spending lots of money?

Well, I’ve been there too. But you are in the right place!

You don’t need a big homestead to start experiencing the satisfaction of eating food you grew yourself.

I believe eating homegrown food from your backyard can nourish your body and soul – in just minutes a day.

What Others Are Saying

I check out articles like this (Moving Chicks to the Coop) mainly to see what info is being put out there.  I was glad to see accurate information instead of some of the incredibly inaccurate drivel by so-called experts who probably only started raising chickens or hens in the last few months.   Having raised chicks for close to 60 years I am frequently amused if not appalled by some of the things people are being told.  Good work. – Sherrie

This is a really great article! (Building a Chicken Coop) Lots of side-line information. I learned so much from this, and I have been studying about chickens for the last 9 to 10 months! I am a first-time chicken owner and I need all the help I can get. Thank you. – Annie

a garden harvest of tomatoes, okra, peppers, and squash


  • Walking out to your garden and picking a few herbs to add to your dinner.
  • Growing a garden that you don’t have to weed.
  • Collecting fresh eggs from your backyard hens for breakfast.
  • Eating a ripe, warm freshly-picked strawberry while the juice runs down your chin.

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Hey there! I’m Julie.

picture of julie b in front of hydrangea

Many years ago, I had just quit my job, had a toddler, and was pregnant again. But I wanted to grow some homegrown vegetables to save a bit of money. I knew if I was going to grow a garden, it could only take a few minutes a day.

So I talked with my mom, a lifelong gardener, to get her best tips on the easiest way to start a small garden. After putting her ideas to work, we had an abundance of tasty, healthy, homegrown vegetables that summer from a garden I rarely had to weed or water.

My garden looks different every year: sometimes it’s larger for preserving, sometimes it’s smaller if we have a busy summer. I often experiment with new plant varieties. And now, with backyard chickens, we get to enjoy fresh eggs, too.

I love walking into my house with a basket of fresh vegetables & eggs and my family asking “When do we get to eat that?” And I have the satisfaction of knowing that my family is eating healthier, better-tasting food. I can help you do this too!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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If you want to get started growing a small garden on a deck or patio, How to Start a Container Garden will help you feel confident as you choose containers, locate your garden, and pick your vegetables and fruits to grow.

If you are interested in raising a few chickens in your backyard, The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens is the tool you need to get your brooder and coop set up properly to raise healthy, happy hens.


This is by far one of the most helpful and practical posts for beginners! (Setting Up a Brooder for Baby Chicks) I am basically following all of your advice, which seems to be an excellent compilation of other things I’ve read. Thank you so much for the excellent information, resources, and images! – Michelle

I am trying to be a low level gardener, meaning I like just the basics, not the deep down science, just enjoy the gifts of plants God gave us. I found your website by looking for zone 7 gardening help on what and when to plant spring veggies. I used a lot of your information on types of beans, lettuce, etc. to order my seeds about an hour ago. I found your information very helpful for a simple minded person like me. Thank you for your willingness to share gardening information with people like me. – Brian

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Feel free to email me with any questions or comments at julieb {at} DogwoodsAndDandelions {dot} com. I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

My Gardening & Chicken Keeping Experience

I’ve been growing my own garden for over 20 years. And even before I had my own garden, I helped my Mom in hers. With the exception of a few years in college, I’ve been gardening practically my whole life!

In 2011, we decided we decided we wanted to produce more food from our backyard so we started our backyard flock with 6 laying hens. Today, we have approximately 40 chickens for eggs in both mobile coops as well as a permanent coop.