Homesteader’s Gift Guide For Men

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Preview: This homesteader’s gift guide for men will help you find the perfect gift for the homesteader or farmer on your list.

Finding a gift for the homesteader can sometimes be a challenge. Many homesteaders aren’t interested in things that will clutter their home. Plus, most men prefer useful gifts anyway. These gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift for the homesteader or farmer on your list.

gift guide for men who homestead
Men are notoriously hard to buy for. This gift guide for men who homestead has lots of practical gift ideas.

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Homesteading Gifts For Men Under $20

If your homesteader lives in a cold environment some warm clothing would be much appreciated. A pair or two of wool socks will definitely go along way towards getting those morning chores done.

A toboggan would also make a great gift for the homesteader. Keeping ears warm is another must-do when you’re going to be out in the elements for awhile.

If your favorite homesteader likes to take his coffee with him while he works, an insulated coffee cup is just the thing to keep his coffee hot while working outdoors. You can find insulated coffee cups at a variety of price points, but there are many below $20.

For the summer days, a large insulated water jug or bottle will keep his water or other favorite beverage cold all day. You definitely want to get one that can stand up to being dropped. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve knocked water bottles off the tractors around here.

My father has used this type of water jug for years. This one has hooks that can be hooked over a fence if needed. I’ve gotten to where I prefer stainless steel water bottles lately, but they are a bit more expensive. They also show dents and dings more easily too, but I think the water tastes better than out of plastic. I also recently found this stainless steel one that is a decent price and has good reviews too.

After working outside in the sun and wind, men’s lips may get chapped. You can either purchase lip balm or if you are the do-it-yourself type, you can make your own. (Hint: it’s super easy and lip balm makes a great gift for women too!)

Homemade mustache Wax with comb and scissors
Homemade mustache wax labeled and ready to give as gifts.

And if your man has a mustache, why not make him up a batch of mustache wax. This two ingredient recipe is really simple to whip up. My husband keeps a tube of it in his pocket at all times. His friends keep asking me to sell it.

Gifts Under $35

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, there are some really nice homesteader gifts for men under $35.

Insulated gloves are a must if you will be working outdoors. You can find gloves at many different price points but I recommend getting a good brand that will last a few years.

A mag light is perfect for those evenings you are out and about checking on animals or have to finish up chores in the dark. This flashlight is VERY durable and typically won’t break, even if dropped on concrete or run over by a tractor.

And another invaluable gift would be a headlamp. There are so many to choose from, some are even under $20. I didn’t think I would use one of these until my sister bought me one for my birthday. I use this All. The. Time!

A headlamp is a great tool to have when doing barn chores since your hands are free, but it has even been useful in our home when working on indoor projects. My husband used mine so much that my sister finally bought him his own!

Gifts Under $100

And if you really want to go all out, these items make wonderful gifts for the homesteader.

A warm coat is a great gift for the homesteader.
A warm coat make a great gift for the homesteader or farmer on your Christmas list.

Carhartt coats are some of the best coats for men who work outside all day. They are super durable and last practically forever. All 3 of my (very active) boys passed one down through the years, and we were able to pass it on to another family that got some wear out of it too. This duck chore coat is my favorite style (it’s blanket lined) but there are many other types to choose from.

A leatherman tool is something most men should own, whether or not they homestead. There are so many practical uses for one of these multi-tools. My husband has quite a few and each of my boys owns one. I even have my own and use it regularly! There are many different kinds of leatherman tools to choose from so you are sure to find one that suits your guy perfectly.

For the homesteader who has been working the land for a while, it may seem like they have all the above gifts. But what about gifting him a weather station? Knowing what the weather is going to be like and how much rain has been received is an important part of most homesteading and farming operations. There is sure to be a weather station that fits your budget and will delight your gift recipient.

Do you have anything else you would add to this homesteader’s gift guide for men? If so, leave a comment below. You can also check out my Homesteader’s Gift Guide for Women if you need to find the perfect gift for the woman who homesteads.

Gift guide for women who homestead
Gift guide for men who homestead

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