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salsa, jams, and dehydrated produce

Recipes For Preserving the Harvest

Preview: Got excess garden produce? This post shares some of the best recipes for preserving the harvest. With garden produce rolling in, you may be wondering what to do with all those extra vegetables. Whether you prefer to can, freeze, or …
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a bee sitting on a yellow zinnia flower

How to Collect & Save Zinnia Seeds

Preview: Learning how to save zinnia seeds can save you money on flowers next year. They are one of the best flowers for beginning gardeners to grow. Growing flowers in the garden is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But since I …
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growing a head of lettuce in the fall

What You Should Know About Planting A Fall Garden

Preview: Many gardeners don’t realize the benefits of planting a fall garden. This post shares the vegetables you can grow in the fall and how to get them started. During the dog days of July, you probably are wishing you could …
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2 chickens taking a dust bath

Dust Bath for Chickens

Do you know how a chicken stays clean? Chickens clean themselves by taking a dust bath. And while it may seem a bit odd, a dust bath helps prevent mites, lice, and other insects from making a home among your …
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a colander of blanched green beans

How to Freeze Green Beans

Learning how to freeze green beans can be a great way to quickly preserve even a small amount of beans. There are actually two methods to freezing green beans that are commonly used. I’ll give instructions for both, explain which …
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strawberry pineapple low sugar freezer jam

Low Sugar Freezer Jam

With many people looking to eat healthier, I wanted to share this low sugar freezer jam recipe. It is the perfect way to use up extra homegrown fruit, even if you don’t have a huge harvest. You can mix it …
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Hey there! I’m Julie B. I want to help you learn to be a bit more self-sufficient, no matter where you live. From growing your own food to DIY projects for yourself or others, I’m here to help you learn a few new skills. I’ll show you how to raise chickens in your backyard or grow a small container garden. Even if you live in the city, you can grow a few herbs or make your own lip balm. Let’s cultivate a good life…wherever we live.