Gifts for the Chicken Lover

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Do you know a crazy chicken lady or someone that loves chickens even if they aren’t able to keep their own? Here are some ideas for unique gifts for the chicken lover.

Unique gift ideas for the chicken lover
Unique gift ideas for the chicken lover

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Stocking Stuffers for the Chicken Lover

If you are shopping online, you can find lots of cute chicken socks that would make a fun gift for any chicken keeper you know. From socks with pictures of chickens to ones that actually look like a chicken’s foot, there is sure to be a pair to keep your chicken lover warm.

A wine glass or coffee mug would be a great stocking stuffer for the wine connoisseur or the coffee drinker you know. Chicken keepers with noisy roosters will especially appreciate the coffee mug! (We once had a rooster that would start crowing as early as 4:30 AM!)

I was surprised to find some cute chicken themed jewelry that wasn’t too colorful (read: tacky). This set looks like it could be worn for almost any occasion and would make a lovely inexpensive gift.

Practical Gifts for the Chicken Lover

For those wanting to give practical gifts, there are many things your favorite chicken keeper might not have. Quite a few of these items would not be considered necessities, but they sure do make chicken keeping easier or more fun.

Gift Ideas for the Home

A new egg basket or egg apron would make collecting eggs much easier, especially for someone who has more than a few backyard chickens. I’ve been known to stuff eggs in my coat pockets or try to carry too many and drop them. ? Neither is ideal. A cute egg basket or apron would solve that problem.

Once you get those eggs inside, you need a way to store them. An egg tray for the refrigerator would be a nice way to display those eggs once they are brought indoors.

Farm Fresh Stenciled flour sack dish towel makes a great gift for the chicken lover.
“Farm Fresh” stenciled flour sack dish towel

A flour sack towel would be a great gift if you like to give DIY gifts. Stenciled with a “farm fresh” design or a few cute chickens, a stenciled tea towel would definitely be something unique. These are simple to make and are a practical gift for anyone that has a kitchen.

You can’t go wrong giving chicken keeping books. There are so many on the market today, but my favorite one is Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens. Written by Gail Damerow, it is one of the most widely respected books on chicken keeping. Another book that I haven’t read, but I hope to soon is How to Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What They Do & Say What They Say by Melissa Caughey. This looks like a fun, informative read and has great reviews on Amazon.

Gifts for the Chickens Themselves

This eco glow brooder is definitely the most expensive gift on this list but it is also the one I feel that every chicken keeper must have. Each year, heat lamps are the cause of many chicken coops fires. Do your chicken lover a favor and purchase an eco glow brooder if they don’t already own one. It could be a lifesaver! (For more information on why I love the eco glow brooder, check out my post on setting up a brooder for baby chicks.)

A tub of meal worms may be a gift more for the chickens themselves, rather than for the chicken owners. However, the owners will be sure to get countless hours of enjoyment out of watching the chickens flock to eat these mealworms.

For the Chicken Keeper Who Is a Gardener Too

For the chicken lover who also gardens, a cute piece of garden art would be a great gift. This chicken sculpture set of a mother hen and chicks is super cute.

These chicken sloggers would also be an ideal gift for the chicken keeper on your list. They are waterproof and easy to rinse off, perfect for when it’s time for the inevitable task of cleaning out the chicken coop.

Sloggers are also great shoes to use in the garden when it is muddy. Another benefit is that they are easy to slip on and off which makes them great when you need to run to the garden to grab a few herbs for supper. I have two pairs myself – a pair of clogs for summer and a pair of the boots for the winter.

Other Gifts for the Chicken Lover

Amazon has so many cute t-shirts with various sayings that it was hard to pick just one. There is sure to be the perfect one for any chicken lover on your list.

A chicken sign for the home would make a great gift for the woman who loves to decorate with her favorite chickens in mind. From vintage “fresh eggs signs to chicken crossing signs, you are sure to find a piece of art to please the chicken lover in your life.

A hen bag is a cute gift for the crazy chicken lady you know.
A hen bag is a cute gift for the crazy chicken lady you know.

For the woman that wants to make a statement while out and about, a hen bag would make the perfect gift. This purse is sure to attract attention while out running errands.

Finally, for kids that love chickens (or kids at heart) this chicken coop lego set would make a great gift. It may or may not be showing up under our Christmas tree this year! (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

There are lots of unusual gifts for the chicken lover available online. Have you come across any funny chicken gifts I should add to this list? What would you buy for a crazy chicken lady?

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