cauliflower graffiti is a fun addition to your garden

How To Grow Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a great vegetable to grow for the backyard gardener. There are many varieties that you can’t find in the store-purple and yellow cauliflower for example. But cauliflower is a bit more temperamental than most other vegetables in the brassicas family. Learn how to grow cauliflower in your own …

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frost on a plant

Frost Protection For Your Garden

You’ve anxiously waited until after your last frost date to plant your garden. That day came and went and you started planting. But what do you do when the weather forecast suddenly calls for a late frost? How can you provide frost protection for your garden? Well, that’s exactly what …

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grow heat tolerant lettuce all summer long

Heat Tolerant Lettuce

Preview: Growing lettuce in the summer can be tricky. These tips and tricks plus heat tolerant lettuce varieties will help you extend your harvest into the summer. Every year at the height of salad season, just as the tomatoes start to ripen, my lovely homegrown lettuce decides to give up …

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