Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Gardener

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If you have a gardener in your life but aren’t sure what to get them, this guide full of gift ideas for the gardener will give you some new ideas for the perfect Christmas gift.

Best Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Gardener

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Useful Gardening Gifts

One of my favorite gardening gifts is a set of children’s tools. These are perfect for small space gardeners and people that garden in raised beds. You don’t usually need the reach of larger tools in small spaces. I was surprised at how often I use my hoe and rake from my set of tools.

A new set of gardening gloves is always appreciated. Sometimes I go through several pairs a year. I either seem to lose one of the gloves, or tear a hole in one. Gloves would be perfect to pair with a couple pair of inexpensive scissors and a few packets of seeds or a new trowel for a gardener’s gift basket. This is a three pack of cute gloves that Amazon carries.

A set of these hand tools would make a great gift for the gardener. They come in a bag that is easy to carry around and the set even includes a pair of hand pruners. I always seem to need a pair of pruners in the garden for thicker tomato plants and such.

A kneeling pad makes a great gift for the older gardener. (Heck, it even makes a great gift for the younger gardener too!) It cushions the knees and keeps clothes clean while digging in the dirt.

A gardening hod to collect produce would make a lovely gift for the avid gardener. They allow you to rinse the vegetables off in the container before bringing them in the house. And it’s likely your favorite gardener hasn’t purchased one either!

Gifts Not Strictly for the Garden (But Would Make a Gardener Happy)

Being outside in the sun and wind dries out a gardener’s hands and lips. To help combat this, whip up a batch of my homemade hand salve or lip balm (or both). These two products use similar ingredients so you can make two gifts from the same items.

Along with the salve, a batch of sugar scrub would make a great gift too. A sugar scrub is a wonderful way to get all the dirt off gardener’s hands while still moisturizing them. You probably have all the ingredients you need for this DIY gift in your pantry right now.

Another item not strictly for the garden, but that a gardener might enjoy would be a set of nice wind chimes. If your favorite gardener spends a lot of time outdoors, the sound of the chimes can add some lovely music while they work or relax. They can also alert the gardener to storms approaching since the wind usually picks up just before a storm.

A piece of garden art can make a lovely gift for the gardener on your list. This light up owl is super cute. There are many other items to choose from including an angel or flowers if owls aren’t their thing.

Handmade stepping stone is a great gift idea for the gardener on your list.
Handmade stepping stone

A stepping stone would also make a nice gift. Bonus points if you purchase a kit and have the kids or grandkids help make it! A friend of mine made the one for me in the picture above. (Thanks Lisa!) Every time I see it I think of my sweet friend.

Flags for the garden are a gift any gardener would love to receive. There are so many to choose from too. You could purchase a Christmas flag or a general one that could be used year round. You could even purchase a set to be switched out according to the seasons. Don’t forget the flag pole too!

More Gift Ideas for the Gardener on Your List

If you need even more ideas, check out this post where I share a gardener’s gift basket as well as several other gift basket ideas. (Think s’mores, movie night, etc.) And any of my DIY projects would make great gifts for your gardening friends and family. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas gift ideas. I would love for you to check it out and follow me!

Have you given or received any great gardening gifts? If so, please share in the comments. I would love to add even more gifts to this gardener’s gift guide.

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    • An apron is a great gift idea for the gardener! I always mess my clothes up in the garden even though I think I won’t. I bet it does save on laundry.


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