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photo and description of guide to freezing produce ebook

The Backyard Gardener’s Guide to Freezing Your Garden Harvest

Here are links to some of my favorite things. 

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My favorite essential oil company – Plant Therapy. They offer great prices on quality oils and usually have free shipping too, no matter the size of your order.

Seed Companies

  • Seed n’ Such – I am not an affiliate. I just love their seeds, their prices, and that shipping is only $2.99.
  • True Leaf Market
  • Ferry Morse
  • Pinetree – I’m not an affiliate of Pinetree either but they have great seeds and good prices on some craft and soap making supplies.

Gardening Supplies

  • Gardening gloves – I like the coated gloves to make squishing bugs less icky but I find it easier to wear these if want to pick the garden with gloves on.
  • Wall O Water also called Kozy Kotes – These are great for getting tomato plants to start blooming and producing fruit sooner.
  • Children’s Tool Set – This set is perfect for gardening in raised beds, even for adults. The smaller tools allow for easy maneuverability in small spaces.
  • Grow bags – I LOVE these grow bags. They come in many different sizes, all with handles. They are reasonably priced so you can grow a garden almost anywhere.
  • Grow lights – I recently purchased new full-spectrum grow lights to start my seedlings and they look so healthy.
  • Self Watering Containers – I love Earthboxes because I’ve had mine for years. They’ve sat out in the sun all summer and the cold all winter and they still work just fine even if they are faded.
  • My favorite fertilizer is a fish emulsion or Jobe’s All Purpose fertilizer.
  • This raised bed kit works great for a small raised bed garden.
  • These containers are perfect to grow a few vegetables in.
  • Row covers come in many different sizes and weights depending on the frost protection you need.
  • Shade cloth is great for keeping cool season crops like lettuce from bolting as quickly when the summer heat sets in.
  • Trellis netting is great for pole beans or cucumbers.
  • These pots are inexpensive if you need to purchase new ones for planting vegetables.

Chicken Supplies

  • EcoGlow Brooder – See why I think this is a MUST HAVE in this post.
  • Chick Starter is a must have when you purchase baby chicks.
  • Or you can get a package of feed, feeder, waterer, chick grit, electrolytes, and chick sticks all together in this starter kit.
  • Oyster shell is a great supplement to feed your chickens to help provide the calcium they need to keep producing nice thick shells.

Kitchen Supplies

Favorite Cookbooks

  • Snacking Cakes by Yossey Arefi – I purchased this cookbook for my 11 year old son who loves to cook but doesn’t like to use the mixer. However, I’ve made several of these cakes as well. I adore this book. The recipes are easy and use ingredients you already have. The majority of the recipes use one bowl, no mixer required. The author also gives multiple ways to bake the cakes (different pan sizes) plus ways to frost the cakes if you desire. One of my best cook book purchases in a long time.