homemade wax melts in various scents

Homemade Wax Melts

Preview: These easy homemade wax melts can be made in just a few minutes with only 3 ingredients. I’ve always loved making my home smell nice with the scents of the season. And I love the beautiful wax melt warmers and the ambiance they give. What I don’t like, however, …

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Hand prints on an apron make an easy homemade Christmas gift.

Christmas Tree Handprint Apron

This Christmas tree handprint apron makes a cute gift for kids to give their Grandparents or their Mom. I’ve always loved handprint and footprint gifts. They are such a special way to remember your children’s size at various ages. For years, I had a hand print flower garden that hung …

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Easy Party Foods

Easy Party Food Ideas

So you decided to host a Christmas party this year. But now the party date is looming and you still haven’t decided on the menu. Plus, you’ve got so many dietary restrictions to work around. What ya gonna do? These easy party food ideas will help you plan the perfect …

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Unique homemade gift ideas

Unique Homemade Gift Ideas

Preview: These unique homemade gift ideas for Christmas will help you make the perfect gift for that special someone. A homemade gift can really show someone how much you care. I have rounded up some of the best homemade gifts to give to family and friends for Christmas or birthdays. …

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