natural foaming hand soap with flowers and towel

Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Pick up a bottle of any foaming hand soap at the grocery store and take a look at the ingredients. You will most likely find many ingredients you don’t recognize. And the cost of each bottle of soap can get expensive, not to mention the fact that you are throwing …

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homemade essential oil room spray

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

Would you like your home to smell nice without all the toxic chemicals in commercial room sprays? Have you ever thought about making your own DIY essential oil room spray? This tutorial will show you how easy it is to mix up a homemade room spray that you will love. …

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gifts for kids who like to cook

The Best Gifts For Kids Who Like To Cook

Many children enjoy helping Mom or Dad in the kitchen. But wouldn’t it be nice for the kids to do some cooking on their own. And while they can certainly use your kitchen tools, sometimes it makes cooking a bit more special if they have their own tools. Here are …

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nut mix

Homemade Gifts From The Kitchen

When looking to give gifts to people, it can get very expensive, especially at Christmas time. But we all want to show our love to others. One way to keep costs down is to give a homemade gift. Have you considered giving homemade gifts from your kitchen? Homemade Gifts Can …

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homemade wax melts in various scents

Homemade Wax Melts

Preview: These easy homemade wax melts can be made in just a few minutes with only 3 ingredients. I’ve always loved making my home smell nice with the scents of the season. And I love the beautiful wax melt warmers and the ambiance they give. What I don’t like, however, …

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