Hey there, I’m Julie B!

I want to help you learn to be a bit more self-sufficient, no matter where you live. From growing your own food to DIY projects for yourself or others, I’m here to help you learn a few new skills.

I’ll show you how to raise chickens in your backyard or grow a small container garden. Even if you live in the city, you can grow a few herbs or make your own lip balm. Let’s cultivate a good life…wherever we live. 

Hey there! I’m Julie B. I am married to the love of my life, my hunky firefighter husband. I am a busy homeschooling Mom to three boys ages 19, 16, and 13. Let’s just say…they eat ALL. THE. TIME! And my grocery bill just keeps going up.

When I’m not on the baseball field watching my boys, I’m outside working in the garden or visiting with my chickens. If I’m inside, I’m usually in the kitchen cooking up something new or trying out a new soap or body care recipe. I am a southern girl through and through. I love my small farm, my chickens, my biscuits, and my sweet tea, even though I make the tea with stevia now.

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Why Dogwoods & Dandelions?

I decided to call my blog Dogwoods & Dandelions because the dogwood blossom represents Jesus’s death on the cross. First and foremost in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I loved dandelions as a child and they remind me of the carefree, simplicity of my youth. As an adult, I am always trying to find the beauty of life among the weeds and I want to help you do the same.

Why Do I Blog?

I started this blog in 2017 to have a creative outlet. I love to learn new things and I want to share what I learn with you. Let’s get back to the days of sipping sweet tea on the front porch and waving at the neighbors as they drive by. Making time for family and friends is so important.

I don’t claim to have it all together. At any time, you’re likely to find mud on my floors, dust on my furniture, and too many loads of laundry that need to be done. My goal is to help you raise a few chickens in your backyard, give you some easy recipes to get you out of the kitchen fast, and help you get started with a small garden. I have my successes as well as my failures and if you hang around here long, you’ll hear about both.

My Background

You may be wondering why you should take my advice. What authority do I have?

Well, I grew up on a farm, so I have been around agriculture and farm animals my entire life. Thankfully, my husband and I are able to raise our 3 boys on the very same farm I grew up on. We are very blessed to be able to teach our sons many of the same life lessons I learned from the farm.

I have been gardening for almost 20 years on my own and I helped my Mom in her garden growing up. I have canned beans with both my Mom and my Grandmother many times. Working in my garden is one of my favorite things to do, and I do lots of experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. Gardening has always been a form of therapy for me.

And we’ve had chickens (sometimes in our bathtub, no less😂) for over 11 years now! I share what works for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to raise chickens.

I hope you enjoy your time poking around my little area of the internet. I love to “meet” new people so please introduce yourself in the comments. Let me know a little about yourself and what you would like to learn. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments at julieb {at} DogwoodsAndDandelions {dot} com.

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