The Best Gifts For Kids Who Like To Cook

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Many children enjoy helping Mom or Dad in the kitchen. But wouldn’t it be nice for the kids to do some cooking on their own. And while they can certainly use your kitchen tools, sometimes it makes cooking a bit more special if they have their own tools. Here are some of the best gifts for kids who like to cook and bake.

The items I’m sharing are geared towards older kids (tweens and teens) who have a bit of experience in the kitchen. No easy bake ovens or plastic knives here. Most of these items are perfect for kids to use now and they can take them with them when they set up their own kitchen later.

Many thanks to my 11 year old son for help with this post. All items were approved by him!

kids cooking in the kitchen
Encourage your kids love of cooking by giving them their own cooking tools.

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Kitchen Gadgets For Kids Who Like To Cook

A Fun Timer – A timer is always a useful gift in the kitchen and having one is especially important when kids are cooking. They need a timer that is easy for them to access and use. This mouse timer is adorable and my son really liked the chicken timer but there are many other cute kitchen timers that would be fun for a kid to use.

Measuring Cups & Spoons – When it comes to buying kitchen tools for kids, I prefer to get good quality tools. I tend to purchase things that they can keep and use for a really long time. This set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons will probably last and I love the fun colorful handles and the fact that the measurements are clearly marked.

Spatulas – One or two good spatulas are a must in the kitchen. So why not make them fun, especially if you are buying them for a kid who likes to cook? There are many options to choose from based on your kid’s personality.

Knife Set – A good knife set is a must in any kitchen. Ones with smaller handles will be easier for children to use than ones with larger handles.

Meat thermometer – I am always surprised by the number of adults who don’t own a meat thermometer. Set your kids up for success in the kitchen and prevent burned food by purchasing them an inexpensive digital meat thermometer. This way they can learn how to properly cook meat without risking anyone’s health. A meat thermometer is also a great way for a beginning baker to gauge when bread is done.

The Best Gifts for Kids Who Like To Bake

While there is some overlap with the kitchen gadgets, these tools would be great for a kid that loves to bake.

gifts for kids who like to bake
More gift ideas for kids who like to cook.

First, a bench scrape. I use one all the time for cutting bread or biscuit dough into pieces. They are also useful for cleaning off dough stuck onto a cutting board.

These silicone baking mats make cleanup a breeze. Nothing sticks to them, including melted cheese. My youngest son got one of these for Christmas last year and he loves it. Unfortunately, he’s had to share it with his Mama too!

Oven mitts – A set oven mitts would make cooking a lot safer for children. I like the type that come up a bit further on your arms so there is less chance to get burned.

Mixing Bowls – My son has one of these mixing bowls with a rubber bottom. It is his go-to bowl anytime he bakes. The rubber helps the bowl stay in place on the counter and the handle gives him something to hold on to while he stirs. They come in several sizes (1.5 quart, 3 quart, and 5 quart) but the quart is the most versatile.

If you wanted to get a set that contains various sizes, this set of nesting mixing bowls (also with a rubber bottom) would be great.

Other useful tools

Apron – This cute apron is one any girl would want to wear while cooking. For a more subdued option, this apron and chef’s hat comes in many different colors and a few cute prints.

Cut resistant gloves – These are great to help kids learn to cut fruits and vegetables properly without worrying about them hurting themselves learning to use a knife.

Cutting boards – Cutting boards or mats are a must in any kitchen and most kids would love to have their own. If your child is cooking full meals, be sure they have 2 separate cutting boards (One for fruits & veggies, another one for raw meats.) so there is no danger of cross-contamination. This is a 4 piece set that is dishwasher safe or if you prefer a more natural option, this set of bamboo boards is nice. Both sets contain markings so you know which board is for meats.

Cooking Kits for Kids

If you want to purchase a complete kit, the Master Chef has several. This one includes an apron, mixing bowl, spoons, and recipes. The baking kit comes with silicone muffin liners and a rolling pin. And they have a pizza kit that looks really neat.

And many kids who like to cook might also enjoy growing a few of their own herbs. This pizza herb garden contains everything you need to plant a small herb garden. The kit also comes with paint to decorate the tin planter. This is a authenticated educational project and would be a great gift for a budding gardener too.

The Best Cookbooks for Kids

cookbooks for kids
America’s Test Kitchen makes great cookbooks for kids. Both of these are a favorite with my 11 year old son.

America’s Test Kitchen always has great books and their two books for kids are no exception. My son has both The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs and The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs. He loves both of these books dearly. Many days I will find him sitting in his chair looking through the books trying to decide what to cook next.

The Food Network Magazine’s The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook may be on his Christmas list this year.

There are so many great gifts for kids who like to cook. And encouraging a love of cooking will help them become more self-sufficient in the long run. Who knows? Maybe the kids will take over the cooking in your home and give you a break!

Do you have other items you would give a child that loves to cook? Leave a comment below.

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