Ways To Use Extra Eggs

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Are your chickens laying like crazy? Or do you have eggs that need to be used up? Here are more than 2 dozen ways to use up extra eggs.

From breakfast dishes to lunch sandwiches, to dinner quiches, and even dessert, there is something everyone is sure to enjoy.

And after you use up all those eggs, learn how to use the eggshells around your home and garden.

Simple Ways to Cook Extra Eggs

There is nothing wrong with using up a bunch of eggs in breakfast dishes. But before you make a complicated souffle, try these easy recipes for scrambles and deviled eggs.

Hard boiled farm fresh eggs are notoriously difficult to peel. But try one of these methods for easy peel eggs.

These Easy Oven Scrambled Eggs are a great way to serve scrambled eggs to a crowd. You pop the eggs in the oven, stirring a couple of times, and you’ll have some of the fluffiest scrambled eggs you’ve ever eaten!

If you want to take your scrambled eggs up just a notch, try making Perfect Cheesy Scrambled Eggs. This recipe from On Ty’s Plate would be perfect with sausage or bacon and toast for a quick morning meal.

Deviled Eggs are always a hit whether you prefer a Classic Deviled Egg or an amped-up version with Bacon & Jalapeno.

Breakfast Casseroles

This Easy & Delicious Breakfast Casserole from Tiffany at Saving Talents looks so yummy! I have already added it to my meal plan for next week. I predict it will be added to the regular rotation around here since it seems so simple to make.

cannoli french toast
Cannoli Overnight French Toast-photo from Snappy Gourmet

Cannoli Overnight French Toast Casserole from Snappy Gourmet is an easy breakfast or brunch idea based on the popular tasty Italian pastry. Prep this simple homemade recipe the night before and bake it in the oven the next morning. I’m drooling just looking at this one!

Other Breakfast Options

Breakfast Tacos from Everyday Delicious use chorizo and eggs and a quick pico de gallo for a delicious breakfast or brunch.

Mountain Breakfast Skillet from Mae’s Menu is a hearty way to fuel your day. This easy skillet meal is full of lean protein, naturally gluten-free, and sneaks in extra vegetables without sacrificing flavor.

Bacon and Egg Sheet Pan Breakfast from Cooking with Carlee is a simple breakfast idea to use up extra eggs. Plus you only dirty one pan to make it!

Bacon Blackberry French Toast Sandwich from Erhardts Eats is a different take on the classic french toast. And it looks just as good as it sounds. Packed with bacon, jam and creamy mascarpone eggs it is fancy enough for guests.

theme night meal planner with coffee cup and plant
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This Avocado Toast with Egg & Sausage from Two Healthy Kitchens will take your usual avocado toast to a whole new level. This recipe includes lots of tips and tricks for changing it up too so that you’ll never get bored with avocado toast, even if you eat it everyday!

An Easy Breakfast Braid from Cincy Shopper would make a great breakfast for company. This breakfast braid looks so impressive after it is baked. However, don’t let the fancy look intimidate you. It’s so easy, it could be made for a weekday morning breakfast too.

Using Extra Eggs for Lunch

bacon egg and cheese sandwich
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich-photo courtesy of Tao of Spice

This Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich from Tao of Spice is not just your run-of-the-mill everyday BLT. Oh no! This sandwich uses havarti cheese and a homemade lemon aioli to take your lunchtime sandwich to a whole new level.

And for an Easy Egg Salad sandwich, this method from The Mama Maven, uses your Instant Pot and an usual method to quickly make your egg salad.

Those of us that grew up in the south know that Pimento Cheese is a staple. Well, this Egg in a Hole Pimento Grilled Cheese Sandwich from The Suburban Soapbox is what southern dreams are made of. Two childhood classics melted together into one fantastic sandwich that’s oozing with melty pimento cheese and drippy egg yolk. This looks unreal!

Egg Stuffed Avocados from Wholesome Yum are a perfect lunch for those who eat keto. However, anyone would enjoy this quick-to-fix meal that has a healthy dose of protein and fats.

Using Eggs For Dinner

Of course, you can always serve bacon, eggs, and pancakes for dinner as a way to use up extra eggs. And there is nothing wrong with that. We do it quite a bit around here. But if you want something a little different, here are a few other ideas.

Quiches and Frittatas

This Southwestern Frittata from Feasible Feast is an easy and delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It combines eggs, onions, and peppers, for a quick meal even when the pantry is looking bare.

This Quiche Lorraine from Recipe Pocket has step-by-step directions to help you made a delicious quiche totally from scratch.

A Simple Three Cheese Quiche is a great staple recipe to have on hand. This quiche not only uses extra eggs but is a great way to use up a few random bits of leftover vegetables or meat you may have in the refrigerator.

This Lazy Quiche uses puff pastry so you don’t have to skip the crust or worry about making pie crust from scratch. Packed with Korean flavors, this quiche takes next to no time to put together and is a bit more interesting than your typical quiche!

A Few Unique Recipes to Use Up Extra Eggs

japanese pancakes
Fluffy Japanese Pancake Recipe-photo courtesy of Lemon Blossoms

I have seen the recipes for Fluffy Japanese Pancakes floating around the internet for a couple years, but this recipe from Lemon Blossoms has step-by-step direction and lots of tips and tricks to ensure success. If you aren’t sure what Japanese Pancakes are Kathy explains it well. “Japanese Pancakes or Souffle Pancakes originated in Tokyo and are nothing more than super tall, big, fluffy, light and jiggly pancakes that are very similar in taste to buttery, vanilla-scented buttermilk pancakes.” Yum!

Rosti Eggs Benny from Maple & Mango was a new idea to use up those eggs. If you’re like me and have no idea what this dish is, hop over and check it out. The combo of crispy potato rosti, perfectly cooked poached eggs, creamy hollandaise sauce, bacon and a scattering of chives would make a delicious brunch dish.

I had never heard of Fried Deviled Eggs, (which surprised me because we will fry anything in the south!) but I couldn’t help but include this recipe from Cooked by Julie. They look absolutely delicious!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

If you just want to use up your extra eggs in something sweet, try this Big Batch Homemade Brownie Recipe from Plowing Through Life. This recipe makes enough to feed a crowd, but I’m sure you could freeze the extras too. They would be delicious topped with some homemade no-churn ice cream!

This Easy Lemon Curd from Delicious on a Dime actually uses whole eggs instead of just egg whites. And Myra also has a post with 15 ways to use that lemon curd. The recipes look so good, I’m ready to make the lemon curd right now.

meringue cookies use extra egg whites
These easy meringue cookies are a great way to use up extra egg whites from baking.

If you do end up with extra egg whites, these Easy Meringue Cookies are the perfect way to use them up. The cookies are gluten free too. Add a few sprinkles to match the occasion and they will work for any holiday.

Ways To Store Extra Eggs

If you don’t want to use all your eggs right away, you can also freeze extra eggs. This is a great idea if you have lots of extra eggs from your backyard chickens in the spring, but don’t have many in the fall while the hens molt.

Another option for storing extra eggs is to pickle them. While this method has fallen out of fashion in recent years, this is an excellent way to preserve eggs for later. Check out this tutorial from Practical Self Reliance that includes multiple ideas of ways to flavor your pickled eggs.

With lots of ideas, you should be able to use up your extra eggs quite easily. Do you have a favorite recipe that uses lots of eggs? If so, please drop a link in the comments.

recipes that use extra eggs
These are just a few of the ways you can use up extra eggs.
extra eggs in a bowl
You can use up extra eggs in so many delicious ways.

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