Summer Bath & Body Oil

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This lightweight DIY bath & body oil is non-greasy and perfect to moisturize your skin for the summer. With only 4 ingredients it is the easiest DIY ever.

Spending lots of time outdoors is one of my favorite things about summer. Whether I’m working in the garden, cutting the grass, or just playing outside with the boys, I LOVE summer.

However lots of sun and sand can leave my skin dry. I’m not a fan of thick, heavy lotions in the summer though. So I created a summer bath & body oil that goes on much lighter than my DIY whipped body butter that I use in the winter.

Summer bath and body oil

I know what you are thinking…Oil? On my skin? In the summertime? Are you crazy? You’ll just have to trust me on this one. This body oil is light and surprisingly non-greasy. And it only requires 3 ingredients plus essential oils which are totally optional. You may even have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

This is the easiest DIY ever! Much like my lip balm, lotion bar, and other DIY projects, this bath & body oil would make a great gift for a loved one. (Hint: Mom would love it for Mother’s Day!)

free essential oil blend box to get the list free

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Why Use These Oils?

Ingredients for bath and body oil
Ingredients for bath and body oil

I chose these oils for various reasons but they all make wonderful moisturizers. Grapeseed oil is a very light, dry oil. It is high in Vitamin E so it provides antioxidants for your skin. It also may help control acne if used on the face.

Avocado oil is very nourishing. It can penetrate to the second layer of your skin to provide deep moisture. It has been shown to help with psoriasis. Avocado oil can also help increase the collagen in your skin and several studies have found it can even help protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

Sunflower oil has been shown to reduce premature aging. It can also help control acne, just like grapeseed oil. Sunflower oil can also help with skin rejuvination. It is the greasiest of the three oils, that is why we are using it in conjuction with the other two oils.

Of course, you can substitute other oils if you choose. Olive oil will cause the bath & body oil to be a bit heavier and greasier. If you use coconut oil, you will need to use fractionated coconut oil which is liquid at room temperature.

I find coconut oil to take a bit longer to soak into my skin, but feel free to experiment. You can easily mix up a smaller amount with various oils to see what combinations you like best.

This would be a great project to have the kids help with. Even the youngest can mix the oils together. (I wouldn’t allow young children to add the essential oils though.)

Bath and body oil
Bath and body oil is a perfect gift for Mom for Mother’s Day!

How To Make Bath & Body Oil



Combine all ingredients in a measuring cup or bottle. Stir or shake to combine. Pour into an 8 oz. bottle or two 4 oz. bottles, like I did. I got my bottles from Specialty Bottle Company (not an affiliate link) but Amazon has these 8 oz. bottles or these 4 oz. bottles that should work just fine.

If you would like to make two different scents, pour the mixture into two 4 oz. bottles and add 10 drops of essential oil to each bottle. Shake well to distribute the essential oils.

Apply to your body after showering or add a small amount to a hot bath. This could also be used as a massage oil.

Essential Oils To Try In Your Bath & Body Oil

There are many combinations of essential oils you can use for this summer bath and body oil. Here are a few of my favorites.

I’ve also got a free printable with over 30 essential oil blends. You can grab your copy below. As you can see, this is a super easy DIY. Would you be willing to try a bath & body oil for the summer?

free essential oil blend box to get the list free
summer bath and body oil
This lightweight bath and body oil is the perfect treat for dry summer skin.

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  1. This looks exciting! Thank you for all your thoughtfully written articles!
    Just wanted to mention, Sunflower Seed Oil got me through several polar vortexes. It was the only oil that I patted directly on my face alone and it really helped to keep my face from losing protective integrity. It was also very calming.

    1. I love sunflower seed oil too! I’ve never used it by itself on my face, but I just might have to try that. Thanks for the tip!

    1. The bath & body oil is MUCH cheaper than store bought and you know what you are putting on your body. Plus you can customize the scent to your liking as well. I hope you try it out.