a bee collecting pollen from a male squash blossom

How To Hand Pollinate Squash & Zucchini

Preview: This tutorial will explain why you might want to hand pollinate your squash and how to do it properly. If you aren’t harvesting lots of squash from your plants, you may wonder what is wrong. Squash and zucchini produce prolifically so you rarely need more than a couple of …

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a bee collecting pollen

How to Attract Pollinators to Your Garden

Attracting pollinators will help ensure a successful vegetable garden. But how do you get the bees and other pollinators to show up? These tips will help you attract more pollinators to your garden. What Pollinators Are Best? Let’s cover a few things about pollinators. While bees are the insects that …

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Tromboncino Zucchini

Unusual Vegetables to Grow

Preview: There are many unusual vegetables to grow in your backyard garden. If you are looking for something different to plant this year, check out this list of unique vegetables for your garden. When growing a garden most people plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, etc. But once you’ve planted your usual …

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best gift ideas for the gardener

Best Gifts for the Gardener

Preview: This list of the best gifts for the gardener will make shopping for your favorite gardener easy. With gifts at various price points, you are sure to find the perfect gardening gift. Gardening Books One of my favorite gifts to give a gardener is gardening books. During the winter …

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a painted rock used in the herb garden

Homemade Plant Markers

Preview: These homemade plant markers are the perfect way to remember what vegetables and herbs were planted in your backyard garden. Homemade plant markers make a lovely gift for the gardener on your list. These are perfect for Christmas or Mother’s Day. Plant markers can be tailored to the plants …

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