growing a head of lettuce in the fall

What You Should Know About Planting A Fall Garden

Preview: Many gardeners don’t realize the benefits of planting a fall garden. This post shares the vegetables you can grow in the fall and how to get them started. During the dog days of July, you probably are wishing you could escape to somewhere cooler. From the sweltering heat to …

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a zinnia flower in the vegetable garden with a butterfly

Growing Flowers in the Vegetable Garden

Many people think of growing a vegetable garden just for food. And oftentimes, vegetable gardens aren’t considered pretty. But if you are spending time tending the garden, why not add some flowers to your vegetable garden. Growing flowers in the vegetable garden will not only make your garden beautiful, many …

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black plastic mulch in the vegetable garden

Best Mulch For A Vegetable Garden

Preview: There are many different types of mulch suitable for use in a vegetable garden. This posts shares the pros and cons of each type to help you decide the best mulch for a vegetable garden. With so many kinds of mulch in stores today, it can be difficult to …

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compost in the backyard garden

How to Start a Backyard Compost Pile

Starting a backyard compost pile is actually a relatively easy thing to do. Don’t be discouraged by all the gurus you see that say you need certain ratios of browns to greens. While these numbers can be helpful (I’ll explain a bit more about it later) they aren’t the end …

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grow heat tolerant lettuce all summer long

Heat Tolerant Lettuce

Preview: Growing lettuce in the summer can be tricky. These tips and tricks plus heat tolerant lettuce varieties will help you extend your harvest into the summer. Every year at the height of salad season, just as the tomatoes start to ripen, my lovely homegrown lettuce decides to give up …

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