ways to use extra farm fresh eggs

Ways To Use Extra Eggs

Are your chickens laying like crazy? Or do you have eggs that need to be used up? Here are more than 2 dozen ways to use up extra eggs. From breakfast dishes to lunch sandwiches, to dinner quiches, and even dessert, there is something everyone is sure to enjoy. And …

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Three cheese quiche recipe

Three Cheese Quiche

Preview: This three cheese quiche recipe is the best quiche recipe I’ve had. Its unique blend of spices makes it stand out from the other recipes. I wanted to share this recipe for my favorite quiche. Many stores are out of supplies right now, including meat. With people hunkering down …

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Oven scrambled eggs, bacon, and oven pancakes for dinner

Oven Scrambled Eggs

Preview: Would you like to serve the fluffiest scrambled eggs? These fluffy oven scrambled eggs are the perfect way to serve eggs to a crowd. We often have breakfast for supper at our house. Bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes or waffles seem to be the perfect meal on a cold, …

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easy peel hard boiled eggs

How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs

Preview: This tutorial shares several ways to hard boil fresh eggs so they peel easily. Your backyard chickens are producing lots of eggs. While you love those fresh eggs, you are growing tired of egg scrambles, omelets, and frittatas. So you decide to hard boil a few since they make …

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