a rabbit beside an azalea

Ways to Keep Critters Out of Your Garden

Preview: It seems that whenever you start a garden, all of a sudden you have critters you’ve never seen showing up to eat your hard work. So what can you do to keep them away from your fresh vegetables? Here are some ideas of ways to keep critters out of …

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cutworm on a leaf

How to Prevent Cutworms in the Garden

Cutworms can wreck havoc on your garden in just one evening. Learn what a cutworm looks like and how to prevent cutworms from destroying your garden. What is a Cutworm? First, let’s look at what a cutworm is. A cutworm is the larvae of a brown or gray moth that …

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black plastic mulch in the vegetable garden

Best Mulch For A Vegetable Garden

Preview: There are many different types of mulch suitable for use in a vegetable garden. This posts shares the pros and cons of each type to help you decide the best mulch for a vegetable garden. With so many kinds of mulch in stores today, it can be difficult to …

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planting too large a garden is a mistake many beginning gardeners make

Mistakes Beginning Gardeners Make

Get your garden off to a great start this year by avoiding these 10 common mistakes beginning gardeners make. Time and time again, I see new gardeners start the spring off with such zeal. They are all excited that this will finally be the year they will grow a garden …

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frost on a plant

Frost Protection For Your Garden

You’ve anxiously waited until after your last frost date to plant your garden. That day came and went and you started planting. But what do you do when the weather forecast suddenly calls for a late frost? How can you provide frost protection for your garden? Well, that’s exactly what …

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