Wood Slice Ornaments

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These wood slice ornaments are super simple to make and are a fun activity for the kids. We added this to our 12 Days of Christmas last year and my boys wanted to do it again this year.

wood slice ornaments in various designs
Wood Slice Ornaments

I was originally going to do this faux wood burning project, but after testing it out, I realized the designs had to be very simple. The ammonium chloride solution I used is very thin and on my test ornament, it bled into the wood. Also, you have to heat the wood quite hot to get the faux wood burn effect. At first, I didn’t even think it was going to work. Eventually, the wood started to “burn” but by this point, I had set off our smoke detector. I wanted to stamp names on the wood, but the solution was far too thin for that.

So while I wouldn’t say that the faux wood burning was a total fail, I’m not good at drawing or writing without a pattern. Plus the project did require specialty supplies most people don’t have on hand.

Simple Wood Slice Ornaments

In an effort to make this a simple project, I decided to try using sharpies. I designed a few patterns that could be easily traced. Colored with a brown sharpie, the effect is very similar to wood burning. (And much safer.)

Unlike the faux wood burn, this project doesn’t require any special supplies other than the wood slice ornaments. We used the 1 1/2″ size for the family ones, but I used a larger size (3″) for this project. I plan on attaching one on each gift this Christmas with the recipients name on one side and a design on the other as the gift tag.

I like to use the pre-drilled slices to make this even easier. You can choose to use all brown or black sharpies for a more rustic look, or use colored ones for a slightly brighter ornament. I also think the metallic sharpies would look great too!

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Supplies to make wood slice ornaments

I have designed two templates, one for the large ornaments and one for the smaller wood slices, but you can also free-hand the designs if you prefer. (My family has done a combination of free hand drawing and tracing the patterns.) You can also do a design on only one side or on both. Its totally up to you.

If you want to use the patterns, print off the page (s) from my Resource Library. There are two separate pages-one for the larger (3″) wood slices and one for the smaller (1 1/2″) ornaments. You can print off just one, or both pages. Don’t have access to the library yet? Sign up below.

How to transfer the patterns to the wood slice

To transfer the design to the wood slice, use a pencil to color on the back side of the design. (See picture.) Place pencil-colored portion face down on the wood slice. Trace over the design. This will leave the outline of the chosen picture. It is easier to get the design centered where you want it if you cut the patterns apart.

Once the design is traced, you are free to color it however you would like. The brown sharpie gives the most realistic results if you prefer the wood-burned look.

You can also spray the ornaments with a sealing spray if you choose, but I decided they looked fine just as they are.

These simple wood slice ornaments are such an easy project that can be fun for both children and adults alike. They look especially great on a rustic themed Christmas tree.

Do you ever make hand-made ornaments? If so, what types have you done?

Sharing is caring!

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