easy home lunches for kids includes chicken salad on a bed of lettuce

Easy Home Lunches For Kids

With so many people choosing to homeschool or do virtual learning this year and others who have no choice but to do school at home, I thought I would post a bunch of easy home lunches for kids that you can make or fix in just a few minutes. The …

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Seasonal Produce Chart

Seasonal Produce Chart

Preview: Eating seasonally has so many benefits. Here’s a printable seasonal produce chart you can hang up so you immediately know what’s in season at any given time. Do you wish you knew what produce was in season throughout the year? This seasonal produce chart will tell you exactly what …

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Theme Night meal planner filled out.

Meal Planning With Theme Nights

Preview: You can make menu planning easier by meal planning with theme nights. This post lists numerous meal planning themes and includes a free meal planner. Meal planning can be stressful. But it can also be stressful when dinnertime rolls around and you have no idea what you are going …

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