sheet pan nachos closeup

Sheet Pan Nachos-Faster and Healthier Than Takeout

Preview: This easy recipe for sheet pan nachos will save your sanity on a busy weeknight. You can have these ready and on the table faster than you can get through the drive thru window. This recipe for easy sheet pan nachos makes a quick dinner on a busy night. …

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meal prep chicken for school lunches

Meal Prep Chicken for healthier eating

Preview: With the new year (or new school year) just around the corner, many of us start to think about eating healthier. One way to do this is by eating at home or by packing meals to-go. But how do we make that happen with everyone’s busy schedule? Fast options …

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plate containing hamburger potato casserole, raw veggies, and pineapple

Hamburger Potato Casserole

This Hamburger Potato Casserole makes a perfect freezer meal. You can easily make multiple casseroles at once to stash in the freezer. Then if you have a friend who needs a meal, you can quickly thaw and bake one or take it to the family as a freezer meal. It …

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7 main dish salads so you can eat a different salad every day of the week.

A Week of Main Dish Salads

Summer is here. And it’s hot! Too hot to cook. And in the summer, I crave cool foods. Those of you who eat hot soup in the summer…more power to you. But not in my house. Soup is a winter food. But let’s not talk about soup. Let’s talk about …

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A bowl of slow cooker taco soup.

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Need a quick, frugal meal for cold weather? Slow cooker taco soup to the rescue. It makes a filling meal and 1 pound of ground meat easily feeds my family of 5, usually with enough left over for at least one more serving. This recipe uses ingredients that you can …

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