Chocolate Covered dehydrated fruit sitting with dried bananas and strawberries

Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Fruit

Preview: This recipe for chocolate covered dehydrated fruit is sure to be a winner with family and friends. Plus it makes a nice gift for loved ones too. I first purchased some chocolate covered bananas and mango at my local Food Lion under the brand name Nature’s Intent. It was …

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decorated meringues on a plate

Easy Meringue Cookies

Preview: These easy meringue cookies are such a simple cookie to make and a wonderful way to use up those extra egg whites you might have. Meringue cookies have often been thought of as being a difficult cookie to make. I want to dispel that myth right now. As long …

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Frozen Strawberry Delight on a plate

Frozen Strawberry Delight

This frozen strawberry delight is a favorite at my house. So much so, that my 9 year old requested it instead of a birthday cake for his dessert. (I was happy to oblige. It’s much easier than a birthday cake with lots of frosting colors!) We have also eaten it …

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Inside of a chocolate covered cherry

Homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries

When I was younger, my Dad would bring home a box of chocolate covered cherries from his work. He would share a couple with my sister and I, and I always loved the ooey gooey confections. But I got married and moved out, and just never thought to buy them …

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cookies and cream no churn ice cream

No Churn Ice Cream

Have you seen the latest craze in homemade ice cream? It’s called No Churn Ice Cream and it is super simple to make, no expensive ice cream maker necessary.   For an easy vanilla ice cream, it takes just 3 simple ingredients- heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla. (If …

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