freezer salsa served with tortilla chips

Easy Freezer Salsa

Use your homegrown tomatoes to make this delicious easy freezer salsa. Because you are freezing this recipe, you can make this salsa your very own by adding or subtracting ingredients. Please Note: This recipe is NOT suitable for canning! Why Make Freezer Salsa? One reason that I don’t like most …

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3 jars of refrigerator dill pickles

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Do you find yourself harvesting too many cucumbers from the garden? But what if you aren’t prepared to can pickles. Well, I have an easy solution…Make refrigerator dill pickles. They are easy to make and will keep in your refrigerator for several months. To get the crunchiest pickles, I recommend …

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canning and preserving supplies

The Best Canning and Preserving Supplies

If you want to preserve some homegrown produce this summer, there are some canning and preserving supplies you need. Depending on what you are preserving, you may need either a water bath canner or a pressure canner. I also want to preface this post by saying that some of these …

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canning and preserving books

The Best Canning and Preserving Books

There are so many canning and preserving books on the market today, it can be difficult to know how to choose one or two. Especially if you are just beginning to preserve your garden harvest, your first book should be a basic preserving book that explains the methods step-by-step. Listed …

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Chocolate Covered dehydrated fruit sitting with dried bananas and strawberries

Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Fruit

Preview: This recipe for chocolate covered dehydrated fruit is sure to be a winner with family and friends. Plus it makes a nice gift for loved ones too. I first purchased some chocolate covered bananas and mango at my local Food Lion under the brand name Nature’s Intent. It was …

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