various seeds on an indoor growing table

Best Grow Lights for Starting Seeds Indoors

Growing a garden from seed can be a cost-effective way to get lots of produce. However, if you plan on growing plants from seed, you will almost certainly need a grow light. Understanding the different types of lights will help you choose the best grow lights for starting seeds indoors. …

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compost in the backyard garden

How to Start a Backyard Compost Pile

Starting a backyard compost pile is actually a relatively easy thing to do. Don’t be discouraged by all the gurus you see that say you need certain ratios of browns to greens. While these numbers can be helpful (I’ll explain a bit more about it later) they aren’t the end …

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seed packets with a pair of gloves

How to Understand a Seed Packet

Before you go to the store to buy seeds for your garden, you need to learn to read and understand a seed packet. The terminology on that little packet of seeds can be so confusing. I’ve broken down what’s included on a seed packet so you can purchase the best …

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a container of lettuce and carrots

Fall Container Garden Vegetables

Do you think it’s too late to grow a garden this year? Think again. Fall is the perfect time to start a container vegetable garden. With fewer bugs to contend with and cooler weather, growing fall container garden vegetables can be very enjoyable. And I actually find growing a fall …

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tomato seedlings

How to Harden Off Seedlings

Preview: Learning how to harden off seedlings is important to ensure success when you transplant seedlings to the garden. Spring has come and your new little seedlings are doing well under their grow lights. Your last expected spring frost date has come and gone. You are ready to put those …

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