A Frugal Spring Meal Plan

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Early this year, I shared a post on a frugal meal plan that can be shopped completely at Aldi. Most of the meals were geared towards winter comfort foods. Today, I am sharing a spring meal plan with lighter foods perfect for the warmer weather.

Free frugal spring meal plan

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Just like the winter meal plan post, this plan includes everything you need to purchase except for salt, pepper, and oil. I don’t want to assume that your pantry staples look like mine. However, if you have a well stocked spice cabinet you can save even more. Almost $8 dollars of this plan is for the spices.

Cook once, eat twice

This meal plan should easily feed a family of four (it actually will feed our family of 5) so you may have leftovers that you can use for lunches.

Be sure to read the meal plan thoroughly since you need to save some of the ingredients to use in other night’s meals. Because you are reusing ingredients, this meal plan should cut down on food waste and save you some time in the kitchen.

I also like to cook once and use the leftovers in more than one meal. You will see that on the first night you are grilling a big batch of chicken. It doesn’t take much extra time to grill a few more pieces and you will more than make up that time during the rest of the week.

I am listing the meal plan outlined below. To access all the recipes and a full grocery list, including prices (shopped at Aldi during the month of March & April 2018) sign up below. You’ll find the meal plan in the Resource Library under the meal plan section.

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Chicken salad, peppers, and crackers
Chicken salad, peppers, and crackers

This meal plan does use some convenience foods. I wanted this meal plan to work for those who work in the home as well as those who work outside the home. If you have the time, feel free to make the items (salad dressings, pizza crust, etc.) from scratch.

Spring meal plan

The ingredients for the spring meal plan work out to $70.70 (not including sales tax). Of course, costs may vary depending on where you live, but hopefully this will still be a frugal meal plan, no matter your grocery prices.

Pepperoni pasta salad and apples
Pepperoni pasta salad and apples

Do you meal plan?

So, do you meal plan? What’s your number one struggle when it comes to getting supper on the table? I would love to know so that I can develop more posts geared towards your needs.

simple spring meal plan with pic of pasta salad and apples

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