Living From Scratch Giveaway

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The Living from Scratch Giveaway is a group of bloggers within the homemaking, homesteading, simple life, and self-sufficiency communities who have come together to provide you with information to help you learn new skills to become more self-sufficient.

Why Are We Doing A Giveaway?

We are doing a giveaway to introduce you to other bloggers that can help you learn new skills and be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Can I grow food year ’round?
  • Do I know how to forage for food around my property?
  • Can I make my own bath & body products?

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, you need to be prepared for just about anything. So why not learn a new skill or two.

This group of bloggers has come together to help you do just that. These bloggers have agreed to share their findings with you in the form of FREE ebooks!

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The Living From Scratch Giveaway Bloggers

When you visit each of these bloggers, you will find information about how to increase your skill set from gardening to preserving your harvest, caring for backyard animals, making Kombucha, and so much more!

Each blogger in the Living From Scratch Giveaway is offering a special FREE gift for you to help you on your journey. You’ll find ebooks that cover a wide variety of topics from growing a fall garden, to living off the grid, to planning out your farm goals.

You do have to sign up individually for each blogger’s freebie, but you only need to sign up for the ones you are interested in.

These freebies will be available from September 1-30, 2021.

Please note that you will be added to each blogger’s email list. However, you are free to unsubscribe at any time with no hard feelings.

The Living From Scratch Freebies

Julie B. (that’s me) – Dogwoods & Dandelions – The Backyard Gardener’s Guide to Freezing Your Garden Harvest (condensed version) – Learn how to quickly freeze fruits and vegetables.

Leah Lynch – Leah Lynch Blog – Farmhouse Purpose Planner – This planner will help you gain focus and keep track of “all the things” on your farm but this is so much more than a farm planner. There are habit trackers, meal planning pages, daily planning pages, and even a medical history page for keeping records of your animal’s medical history and shots.

Kelly – Simple Life Mom – Make It Yourself: Bath and Home DIY for Self Sustainability – 13 bath, cleaning, and around the home recipes.

Jason – Seeds for Generations – Fall Gardening Guide – This guide will show you different ways you can increase your garden productivity by using fall gardening methods that allow you to continue producing food into the cooler weather. Plus be entered into an heirloom seed giveaway.

Kristi – Stone Family Farmstead – Propagating Perennial Herbs ebook – Learn how to propagate herbs to save money on plants and always have the herbs you need.

Kathi – Oak Hill Homestead – Milk It For All It’s Worth – An ebook full of recipes that turn milk (goat or cow’s milk) into delicious food and treats.

Michelle – SoulyRested – Kombucha Made Simple – Learn to make bubbly, fermented tea that’s loaded with beneficial bacteria, which is exactly what our guts need for maximum health.

Sarita – An Off-Grid Life – 21 Ways to Get Started Living Off The Grid (5th Edition) – Take your first steps to learn how to live off the grid with this practical guide packed with tips & tales of Sarita’s family’s own off grid life.

Jennifer – The Everyday Farmhouse – Homestead Planner -If you desire to learn more about self-sufficiency and simple living, things like cooking from scratch, growing your own food, soapmaking, and milking a cow, then you will enjoy all three volumes of A Beginner’s Guide to Homestead Living!

Lesa – Better Hens and Gardens – Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101 ebook -This book describes why the Nigerian Dwarf breed is so popular, what the basic requirements are for keeping Nigerian Dwarf goats, and the questions you should consider before committing to owning them.

Mary – Life is Just Ducky – Homestead Project Planning Guide – Whether you have a small backyard or a 5-acre homestead, you need a plan and this guide is will help you achieve your goals.

Annie – Road to Reliance – The Coconut Oil Handbook

Shawna – Homegrown Self Reliance – The Forager’s Collection

Dianne – Hidden Springs Homestead – Introduction to Home Canning for Beginners

Suzan – It’s My Sustainable Life – Fall Garden Chores

Julie – The Farm Wife – The Simple Life ebook

Have fun getting to know these other bloggers all while learning new skills!

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