Create a Laundry Schedule That Works for You

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Laundry. It’s something we have to do, but all too often, it gets pushed to the side until one day, we find ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of dirty clothes we need to tackle. Creating a laundry schedule is one way to simplify your life. By having a schedule, you know what loads to do, and when to do them, so the laundry will get done.

Creating a laundry routine

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There are several ways to create a laundry schedule and at the end of this post I will share mine. However, keep in mind, that my laundry schedule may not work for you. There are 5 people in my family-a firefighter, 3 boys who play baseball, and me. Keep in mind that we have a bit more laundry than your average family since we have a small farm. Some days we go through two sets of clothes, depending on what we are working on.

Since your family will differ, so will your laundry schedule. Your schedule may also differ according to the seasons. I tend to do a lot less laundry in the summer since shorts and T-shirts don’t take up as much room in the washer as jeans and sweatshirts. However, if you spend a large portion of your summer at the pool, you may have more dirty laundry with all the towels you use.  Here are several ideas to help you come up with a laundry schedule that works. For You!

Before you start: Track your dirty clothes

Before you can create a laundry schedule, you first have to know how many loads you do (or need to do) each week. Next week, just keep track of all the loads of laundry that you do. Write down whether the loads are whites, darks, colors, towels, uniforms, sheets, etc.

If you have any clothes you didn’t get washed at the end of the week, take a couple minutes to separate them by loads and figure out how many additional loads you should have done. If you are really behind on laundry, try to spend one day over the weekend to get caught up, then track your week to see how many loads you need to do to stay on top of things.

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Sorted laundry

Deciding on a Schedule

Next, decide how you want to do your laundry? Do your prefer to do it all on one day? Great. You probably don’t really need a laundry schedule, you just need to decide which day you are going to do laundry and stick to it. It is probably good to have an alternate day in the back of your mind, just in case you have plans on your scheduled laundry day.

Another method is to pick 2-3 days you are going to do laundry and schedule your loads on those days. For instance say you want to do laundry on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and you need to do 6 loads a week. Decide to do 2 loads each of those days.

My laundry schedule:1-2 loads a day

The third method is to do 1-2 loads per day. This is the method I use. With baseball uniforms, firefighter uniforms, and lots of sheets and towels, we average about 10 or 11 loads a week. I try to do all my laundry Monday through Friday, with the exception of my husband’s uniforms which I wash first thing Saturday morning.

Occasionally, I may not need to do every load listed so I will skip it. We don’t wear a lot of brightly colored clothes (colors) around here, so I will sometimes just do that load every other week. If I get behind, I try to catch up on Saturday to be sure we have clean clothes for the upcoming week. Here is what my current laundry schedule looks like:

Monday-one load of darks and a load of sheets

Tuesday-one load of darks and a load of towels

Wednesday-one load of whites and one load of colors

Thursday-one load of darks and a load of sheets

Friday-one load of darks and a load of towels

Saturday-husband’s uniforms and any loads that didn’t get done

A few more tips to simplify your laundry schedule

I usually try to put a load in the washer as soon as I get up in the morning. It is finished washing before I leave to take the boys to school, and I can transfer them to the dryer as soon as I get home. I don’t recommend doing this though, if you aren’t going to be able to dry them until much later. They will often develop a musty smell after a couple of hours.

Don’t iron

I also despise ironing, so I try to fold the clothes as soon as they are done in the dryer. Sometimes it can be aggravating to stop in the middle of something to fold laundry, but I always remind myself that if I don’t stop, I’ll have to iron. That’s enough motivation for me to get those clothes folded ASAP!

Get the kids to help

One final way I simplify my laundry routine is to make my kids put up their own clothes. Children as young as 3 can easily be taught to put up their own clothes in drawers. No, the drawers are not as neat as I would like, but this is something they are required to do as part of our family.  (We have paid chores and “because you live here chores” in our home. This is an unpaid one.) “If you eat here, you work here!” is my take on Stacy from Humorous Homemaking’s quote, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

How do you handle your laundry? Do you have a laundry schedule or do you just wing it? I’d love it if you left a comment and let me know.

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