Homemade lunchable with peanut butter and jelly, carrots, cucumbers, mango, and cherries

A Back to School Meal Plan to Save You Time and Money!

Preview: This back to school meal plan will help you get those first few weeks of school off to a great start. The plan includes 2 weeks (Monday-Friday) of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to ease the transition into a new school year. Do you struggle with meal planning when life …

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pasta salad and apples on a plate

A Frugal Spring Meal Plan

Early this year, I shared a post on a frugal meal plan that can be shopped completely at Aldi. Most of the meals were geared towards winter comfort foods. Today, I am sharing a spring meal plan with lighter foods perfect for the warmer weather. Just like the winter meal …

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Thrifty winter meal plan

Frugal Winter Meal Plan

Did you spend too much money at Christmas? Are you looking for ways to shave a little money off your grocery bill? This week, I have a meal plan that will feed your family without spending an arm and a leg on food. It uses ingredients readily available to almost …

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Veggies and hummus on a plate.

Healthy Snack Ideas

With the new year just around the corner, many people’s thoughts turn to losing weight or eating healthier. One way to make 2020 healthier is to choose better snacks. I wanted to share some healthy snack ideas, (or healthier snack ideas) so that you will be ready to start the …

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Vegetables for a batch cooking session

Batch Cooking to Make Meals Easier

Preview: Batch cooking can make meals easier by having pre-cooked foods stored in the freezer. School will be starting soon. Along with school, comes fall sports and other after school and evening activities. Most days, I find myself rushing home from school, rushing the boys through homework, and rushing to …

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