a storm rolling in on the farm

How to Prepare for Storms When You Homestead

Preview: When you homestead, knowing how to prepare for storms is crucial to keeping your animals and gardens safe and healthy.  Update: Thankfully for us, this storm was a bust. However, it is never to early to have a plan for storms. This post explains what you need to think …

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A wagon full of hay.

Country Livin’ Part 2-Things are different in the country

In A City Slicker’s Guide to Country Livin’, I shared 3 (tongue-in-cheek) reasons to move to the country. Today, I’ll share a few more (humorous) things you need to know before livin’ in the country. We mow weeds, not grass in the country Out here in the country, we can’t …

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A cow in the country.

A City Slicker’s Guide to Country Livin’

Are you tired of bumper-to-bumper traffic? Tired of the noise of the big city? Do you yearn for some acreage to spread out and grow a few vegetables? Are you a city slicker ready for some country livin’? If so, have I got the guide for you! Here is a …

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a chicken ark and a permanent chicken coop

Types of Chicken Coops-What is Best for Your Flock?

When we first thought about getting chickens, we figured we would just get a handful. So we looked at plans for different types of chicken coops. We only needed a small coop so we decided on a chicken ark, also known as a chicken tractor. Unfortunately, I quickly wanted more …

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