bowl of white eggs

Best Chickens That Lay White Eggs

Whether you raise a few hens in your backyard or a whole flock on your homestead, many times you want to include chickens that lay various colored eggs. Not only do the eggs look beautiful, but it is fun to have a mixed flock. If you want to add some …

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a leghorn chicken going through a molt

How to Help Your Molting Chickens

Preview: There are several things chicken keepers can do to help their molting chickens when they start to lose feathers in the fall. It’s that time of year when the feathers seem to fly. Literally. One day, you step into the coop, and you are greeted by feathers everywhere. Your …

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2 chickens taking a dust bath

Dust Bath for Chickens

Do you know how a chicken stays clean? Chickens clean themselves by taking a dust bath. And while it may seem a bit odd, a dust bath helps prevent mites, lice, and other insects from making a home among your chicken’s feathers. It can also help to dry up excess …

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a coyote is a common chicken predator

Common Chicken Predators

There are many chicken predators that want to make a tasty meal of your chickens or their eggs. These are the most common ones you may encounter and the best ways to foil them. Warning: There are a few details of our raccoon attacks that may not be suitable for …

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a chicken coop in the spring

Using the Deep Litter Method in Your Chicken Coop

While there are many ways to maintain your chicken coop, using the deep litter method with chickens is probably the simplest way to deal with poop in the coop. Learn the advantages (and the disadvantages) of using the deep litter method in your chicken coop. What is the Deep Litter …

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