chickens pecking for grit

What Is Grit for Chickens?

Many new chicken keepers often forget to think about grit for their chickens. But is grit necessary for a healthy flock? How do you provide grit for chickens? Do you know what type of grit to provide? Let’s explore these topics so you can feel confident in your choice of …

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a chicken ark

How to Clean a Chicken Coop

Cleaning your chicken coop is a necessary part of raising healthy chickens. But what it the best way to clean it? Learn how to clean a chicken coop without using toxic chemicals in this post. Benefits to Cleaning Your Chicken Coop Keeping a clean chicken coop has many benefits to …

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Baby chicks not yet fully feathered

Moving Chicks to the Coop

By now, you are ready to get those teenage chicks out of your house or garage. They are becoming increasingly messy. They probably need more space to roam around. You are ready to begin the process of moving chicks to the coop. But are the chicks ready? Here are a …

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a permanent chicken coop

Building A Chicken Coop

Do you know what you need when building a chicken coop? Keep reading to find out what you must have in your chicken coop for happy, healthy hens. Those fluffy chicks you brought home earlier are getting bigger. They have stirred up enough dust in your house or garage to …

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