a coyote is a common chicken predator

Common Chicken Predators

There are many chicken predators that want to make a tasty meal of your chickens or their eggs. These are the most common ones you may encounter and the best ways to foil them. Warning: There are a few details of our raccoon attacks that may not be suitable for …

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a chicken coop in the spring

Using the Deep Litter Method in Your Chicken Coop

While there are many ways to maintain your chicken coop, using the deep litter method with chickens is probably the simplest way to deal with poop in the coop. Learn the advantages (and the disadvantages) of using the deep litter method in your chicken coop. What is the Deep Litter …

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chicken looking at the camera

Combining Two Flocks of Chickens (with Minimal Bloodshed)

Preview: Combining two flocks of chickens can be stressful for both the chickens and the chicken owners. Here are some ways to make the process easier. You bought new chicks this spring and now it’s time to combine them with your older flock of chickens. How can you accomplish this …

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chickens pecking for grit

What Is Grit for Chickens?

Many new chicken keepers often forget to think about grit for their chickens. But is grit necessary for a healthy flock? How do you provide grit for chickens? Do you know what type of grit to provide? Let’s explore these topics so you can feel confident in your choice of …

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a chicken ark

How to Clean a Chicken Coop

Cleaning your chicken coop is a necessary part of raising healthy chickens. But what it the best way to clean it? Learn how to clean a chicken coop without using toxic chemicals in this post. Benefits to Cleaning Your Chicken Coop Keeping a clean chicken coop has many benefits to …

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