Seed starting items including seed packets, gloves, and Jiffy pellets.

Starting Vegetables From Seed

If you’ve decided to start a garden this year, chosen what you want to plant, and have it planned out, you may want to try starting vegetables from seed instead of purchasing all your plants. Advantages To Starting Vegetables From Seed One advantage to starting vegetables from seed, is that …

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Tomatoes are a popular vegetable to grow in a garden

Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

Now that you’ve decided to start a garden, you need to choose some easy vegetables to grow in your garden. First, only choose vegetables to grow that you actually like to eat. It is a waste of time and garden space to grow vegetables that your family does not enjoy. …

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a small mediterranean garden

How to Start a Garden

It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about gardening. If you have ever wanted to start a garden, it’s a good idea to first begin by researching what kind of garden you want. I’m going to give you some things to think about as you plan the …

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pruners, gloves, and trowel

How To Clean Up The Garden In The Fall

There are quite a few chores that need to be done before putting the garden to bed for the winter. I discuss several ways to clean up the garden in the fall so that you are ready to jump in and plant in the spring. CLEAN UP THE GARDEN DEBRIS …

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A vegetable garden growing in black plastic

How to Use Black Plastic In Your Garden

Using black plastic can be an easy way to start a garden. It helps control weeds and conserve moisture. By growing your vegetables in plastic, you can save time by weeding and watering much less often. If you aren’t sure about using black plastic in your vegetable garden, my post, …

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