summer vegetable garden plans, salsa garden, salad garden

Summer Vegetable Garden Plans

Several months ago I shared a spring 4′ x 4′ garden plan that is perfect for beginning gardeners. With summer gardening not far off, I’ve got 3 new summer vegetable garden plans that are perfect for a small backyard garden. These vegetables can be planted as soon as you harvest …

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green beans growing in a backyard garden

How to Grow Green Beans

Green Beans are an easy vegetable for a beginner to grow. With so many different varieties, you are sure to find several that you love. This post shares how to grow green beans as well as the types of green beans you can grow and pests and diseases that may …

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a zone 7 garden planted in vegetables

Finding Your Gardening Zone

Are you confused about gardening zones, also known as USDA hardiness zones? What do they mean? Why are they important? Let me explain what it all means and how to find your gardening zone. What Is a Gardening Zone? A gardening zone, also called a hardiness zone, is an area …

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