an assortment of homemade Christmas ornaments

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Every year when we decorate our Christmas tree, I’ve noticed that the homemade ornaments are the first ones everyone pulls out to hang on the tree. We often have an assortment of purchased ornaments that, while pretty, remain in the bottom of our Christmas ornament tote. Since I love to …

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Easy Party Foods

Easy Party Food Ideas

So you decided to host a Christmas party this year. But now the party date is looming and you still haven’t decided on the menu. Plus, you’ve got so many dietary restrictions to work around. What ya gonna do? These easy party food ideas will help you plan the perfect …

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essential oil ornaments

Essential oil ornaments

I’m going to share a last-minute Christmas gift you can make for others-essential oil ornaments. For these ornaments, you mix up a homemade clay mixture that uses ingredients you probably already have on hand. You cut them out with cookie cutters and let them air dry or you can bake …

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paper angels

DIY Paper Angel Ornaments

Do you need a quick craft for your kids to do? Why not try your hand at making DIY Paper Angel Ornaments. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through making these simple paper angels for your Christmas tree. Things You Need to Make DIY Paper Angel Ornaments scrapbook paper in …

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homemade soda

Healthier Homemade Soda

Preview: This healthier homemade soda is a refreshing treat for the holidays or summer vacation. This homemade soda syrup added to seltzer is a great alternative to traditional store-bought soda for kids and adults alike. When holidays or summer vacation rolls around, too often our best intentions of eating well …

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